Salmonfly, Trash, Walks, and Delays

This is a salmon fly.  Right now they are hatching and flying on Rock Creek. Right Now. When that happens and the flows are under 1500 cfs I am a very good guide providing numerous dry fly opportunities.  I was a very good guide yesterday.  The summer Missoula dry fly season is here. Now onto Read More »

Lodge Chef Carrie Nowlen Featured in “The Great American Cookbook”

    Fishing for a fee is remarkably similar to cooking for paying guests. When fly fishing guides fish on their day off there is no pressure and we expend a low amount of effort. It is more about hanging out with friends, catching a few fish, and experimenting with new fly fishing techniques.  Laying Read More »

Fishing the Edge of It and Drinking Wine

I was supposed to put a blog together last week and update the fly fishing reports on what is happening in Missoula Montana. Instead I travelled with my beautiful wife of 17 years to Washington wine country and drank wine during the day while smiling in the sun.  If you are happily married you will Read More »

The Quick, the Dirty, and the Birdy

  Runoff is here and all but the sneakiest water is experiencing elevated flows and extremely poor fly fishing conditions. This is normal for a few weeks in May and the Missouri river becomes home for us until we come back into shape. Snowpack is a bit above the historical average so you would expect Read More »

Moon Walking to Run Off – Missoula Fly Fishing

I was break dancing at the Bell Crossing access on the Bitterroot two days ago.  Instead of waders I was testing the seam on some 80’s parachute pants and a red leather jacket.  I have honed my moon walking skills to the point that I may break them out at my band’s gig this Saturday Read More »

Michael Jackson Bitterroot River Time Warp

So far it had been a scratch and claw Spring. Flows and weather had been disjointed in the wrong way.  We have had decent to good fishing, but I hadn’t seen exceptional.  There was definitely a few sucko days in there too when the big flows married up with poor water temps.  That was until Read More »

Missoula Fly Fishing Report – Big Water, Big Bugs, One Leg Osprey

Missoula Fly Fishing Report – April 2 It has been a busy ten days. I am out on the water daily. Writing has stalled, but the fishing is fresh. The first Osprey of the year was spotting near Florence Montana, he is a one legger. Snangler claims that if the first Osprey of the year Read More »

Bitterroot River Fly Fishing Report – Data Points

  Missoula Fly Fishing is math. So let’s learn some river algebra from the Bitterroot River. Above is the flow chart for the last 7 days of fishing on the Bitterroot River. Chart Key Black Line – It is at 800 cfs on the Darby gauge in the Upper Bitterroot River.  The term cfs refers Read More »

Missoula Fly Fishing Report – 2107 Fly Fishing Forecast

2017 Missoula Montana Fly Fishing Guides Forecast: It is the time of year when we are booking new trips every day and the reoccurring question is always – When is the best time to come to Missoula Montana to fly fish? By Mid-March our snowpack numbers become reliable and give us a data point to Read More »

I am taking a break from Snangler wrangling this week.  Enjoy our latest promo video from the summer’s glory runs.