I was younger. I didn’t own a single camera. George Bush was president and Barack Obama was about to take the White House. The world economy was in shambles due to the US housing melt down. I mustered together $2,000 and hoped. We  hired a company we met on the Fly Fishing Trade show circuit Read More »

The Booking Season Part 1

What do fly fishing guides do in the winter? Most of us have a winter gig that keeps up busy.  Bartending, construction, substitute teaching, or a second guide season on the Washington coast or South America are the most common off season pursuits for the fishing guides.  Brooks is a bit of an outlier because Read More »

Fly Shrinkage

Two years ago I was with a guest  working a picky Missouri fish slurping tight to the bank on rhythm in the classic shallow water lay that typifies that river.  The fish was locked up on pseudos and after six frustrating fly changes on great disinfected drifts that didn’t even draw a trout sniff, I Read More »

The quiet weather of winter in Montana gives us fishing days that are enjoyed with friends and a dog name Chloe. The forecast was for a couple warms days that were supposed to top out in the 40’s, but as per usual the weather man mixed up a warm Montana winter day with a blizzard. Read More »

John Hafner Outdoor Photography I have been lucky to have met many a great person in the outdoor industry. One of my favorites is outdoor photographer John Hafner.  I met him through Patch on a shoot when he needed some help holding bows and hauling gear for his models.   We happened to strike up Read More »

I am not a steel header. Steelhead are gloriously athletic, the scenery is breathtaking, but wet cold weather that crushes your spirit into a defeated rag removes my motivation.  I do not discover haunting soul mending experiences toughing out driving apocalyptic sky slush dreaming of that one big fish that will elevate me to a Read More »

America the Great Cookbook Carrie Nowlen, our Executive Chef at Missoula River Lodge, is featured in “America the Great Cookbook” which is now available in stores and benefits NOKID Hungry.  Joe Yonan, the award winning Food Editor for the Washington Post, chose one hundred of our country’s best chefs and asked them one question “What Read More »

Nate, Evan, and I took day to fish some of our Jet Boat trips.  The Montana weather was nice, the fish were big, and the jet boat was fast. It’s a very cool and unique itinerary that we are offering for the 2018 Missoula Fly Fishing guide season.

The season shut down with a powerful winter storm in Missoula that blanketed our rivers and dropped our water temps. A few fish were caught in the waning days of the season, but mainly we froze and laughed to the fishing finish line.

Please meet professional Missoula Montana fly fishing guide Chase Harrison. Chase shares stories of growing up an angler in Missoula Montana and some youth Hockey insights.