Bitterroot River Fly Fishing Report – Data Points

  Missoula Fly Fishing is math. So let’s learn some river algebra from the Bitterroot River. Above is the flow chart for the last 7 days of fishing on the Bitterroot River. Chart Key Black Line – It is at 800 cfs on the Darby gauge in the Upper Bitterroot River.  The term cfs refers Read More »

Missoula Fly Fishing Report – 2107 Fly Fishing Forecast

2017 Missoula Montana Fly Fishing Guides Forecast: It is the time of year when we are booking new trips every day and the reoccurring question is always – When is the best time to come to Missoula Montana to fly fish? By Mid-March our snowpack numbers become reliable and give us a data point to Read More »

I am taking a break from Snangler wrangling this week.  Enjoy our latest promo video from the summer’s glory runs.

A Wet, Cold, Badger – Missoula Montana Fly Fishing Serial Part 6

Good morning from the rarely seen morning sun on the Olympic Peninsula. Move on or head farther into Snangler’s attempts at polygamy.   Part 6 – A Wet, Cold, Badger —————————— Previous 5 parts in earlier blog posts.   Snangler was a half blinking one eyed raccoon when Paula finally got off the floor of Read More »

Fat Boy Squeeze Play- A Montana Fly Fishing Serial Part 5

Enjoy a shot from a smoky morning fly fishing adventure and move on or head further into Snangler’s heretics.   ———Part 5 ——————– Previous Chapters in Main Blog Page A fishing guide down on the floor of the Oasis bar in Wolf Creek Montana is not an anomaly. You don’t need a shovel to navigate Read More »

I had the pleasure of fishing for Wild Winter Steelhead with some great conservationist guides last month. A personal project came out of it and really opened my eyes to the threatened fate of this run.

King Solomon – A Montana Fly Fishing Serial Part 4

Another week of a Missoula fly fishing blog posting provides to you the reader the opportunity to enjoy a fly fishing picture and move quickly on or to sink further into the unfolding drama in Wolf Creek Montana.   —-King Solomon – Part 4 Snangler is the wayward son of a New England Protestant Preacher. Read More »

Hammering – A Montana Fly Fishing Serial Part 3

It was a productive week on the Olympic Peninsula last week with Caleb and Nate. Please enjoy the scenery shot of the Hoh River. If you can stand another part to Snangler’s wranglers keep on reading.   —— Hammering – Part 3 I am unsure whether it was the lingering Pachouli oil wafts or the Read More »

Hammer Trap – A Montana Fly Fishing Serial Part 2

I am headed out for a steelhead trip early tomorrow morning for the week, so Monday’s blog goes out today. If you aren’t into sleazy Missoula fly fishing guides and their sordid mating habits please enjoy a nice landscape photo and skip part two of Snangler’s love life.   —-Hammer’s Trap – Part 2 Bear Read More »

Snangler is Not a One Woman Guide – Part One Fly Fishing Serial

Our temps have been lapping less than zero, so time on the river has been curtailed. Here is today’s sunrise on the Blackfoot river.  The trout weren’t rising. Instead of a photo essay or video this week I thought I would share another mostly true tale of the epic Missoula fly fishing outfitter Snangler. Snangler Read More »