Meet a great Missoula Fly Fishing Guide – Chris Webber.  Chris is a local talent from Corvallis, Montana who shares stories of old school fishing on the Bitterroot River in Montana and steelhead adventures.

Meet Jacob Hensley, a great fly fishing guide on staff at Missoula River Lodge. He shares some memories from the Missoula fly fishing guide season and the story of a 30 inch rainbow landed this Spring.  That big trout was celebrated to smiles and beers.

I spent the last two days watching little dry flies get shot in the wind to some of the toughest trout in Montana. We won some, we lost some, and the Missouri kept it’s reputation as a challenging fly fishing arena in Western Montana.

Sometimes you take a chance in Missoula to hunt up some big browns on flies. It’s great when it works. It’s an exercise in not catching other days. Fly fishing can have a risk and reward equation to it if you want to roll the dice. I like rolling the Missoula fly fishing guide dice. Read More »

Fly fishing in Missoula was excellent this week. So was the elk viewing, the grilled guide lunches, my keen sense of humor, and various fishing opinions disguised as alleged truth. October is a great fishing month when you add some fishing risk to the menu.  I like it when risk travels with reward.

After you have been in the Missoula fly fishing guide business for enough years you end up with a fishing schedule full of regular friends.  They catch more trout because the groundwork of friendship, trust, and experience has been laid down. Back of the boat has been sticking some nice browns from coach class.

Loose interpretation of the fishing history of the Judge, brown trout, and a possible hangover.  Fishing with longtime regular clients who have become friends are the easiest days on the water.

You can’t have the first sunny day until you have lots of great cloudy days in a row. The Missoula fly fishing struggle was mitigated by large rainbows that were willing to eat our flies despite inferior fishing conditions today. Sometimes they just eat it despite an old guides pessimistic prognostications.

The peak of the bull elk rut surrounded us while we stuck some nice brown trout on streamers. September in Missoula Montana is a special time at many levels.

Trout have been up lately in solid numbers in Western Montana and the double dry rig has been the tonic. But you have to watch both flies because sometimes they eat the big one and some times they eat the little 2nd one. After some coaching and laughs 2nd fly Regan mastered the fishing lesson.