Moon Walking to Run Off – Missoula Fly Fishing

I was break dancing at the Bell Crossing access on the Bitterroot two days ago.  Instead of waders I was testing the seam on some 80’s parachute pants and a red leather jacket.  I have honed my moon walking skills to the point that I may break them out at my band’s gig this Saturday Read More »

Michael Jackson Bitterroot River Time Warp

So far it had been a scratch and claw Spring. Flows and weather had been disjointed in the wrong way.  We have had decent to good fishing, but I hadn’t seen exceptional.  There was definitely a few sucko days in there too when the big flows married up with poor water temps.  That was until Read More »

Missoula Fly Fishing Report – Big Water, Big Bugs, One Leg Osprey

Missoula Fly Fishing Report – April 2 It has been a busy ten days. I am out on the water daily. Writing has stalled, but the fishing is fresh. The first Osprey of the year was spotting near Florence Montana, he is a one legger. Snangler claims that if the first Osprey of the year Read More »

Bitterroot River Fly Fishing Report – Data Points

  Missoula Fly Fishing is math. So let’s learn some river algebra from the Bitterroot River. Above is the flow chart for the last 7 days of fishing on the Bitterroot River. Chart Key Black Line – It is at 800 cfs on the Darby gauge in the Upper Bitterroot River.  The term cfs refers Read More »

Missoula Fly Fishing Report – 2107 Fly Fishing Forecast

2017 Missoula Montana Fly Fishing Guides Forecast: It is the time of year when we are booking new trips every day and the reoccurring question is always – When is the best time to come to Missoula Montana to fly fish? By Mid-March our snowpack numbers become reliable and give us a data point to Read More »

I am taking a break from Snangler wrangling this week.  Enjoy our latest promo video from the summer’s glory runs.

A Wet, Cold, Badger – Missoula Montana Fly Fishing Serial Part 6

Good morning from the rarely seen morning sun on the Olympic Peninsula. Move on or head farther into Snangler’s attempts at polygamy.   Part 6 – A Wet, Cold, Badger —————————— Previous 5 parts in earlier blog posts.   Snangler was a half blinking one eyed raccoon when Paula finally got off the floor of Read More »

Fat Boy Squeeze Play- A Montana Fly Fishing Serial Part 5

Enjoy a shot from a smoky morning fly fishing adventure and move on or head further into Snangler’s heretics.   ———Part 5 ——————– Previous Chapters in Main Blog Page A fishing guide down on the floor of the Oasis bar in Wolf Creek Montana is not an anomaly. You don’t need a shovel to navigate Read More »

I had the pleasure of fishing for Wild Winter Steelhead with some great conservationist guides last month. A personal project came out of it and really opened my eyes to the threatened fate of this run.

King Solomon – A Montana Fly Fishing Serial Part 4

Another week of a Missoula fly fishing blog posting provides to you the reader the opportunity to enjoy a fly fishing picture and move quickly on or to sink further into the unfolding drama in Wolf Creek Montana.   —-King Solomon – Part 4 Snangler is the wayward son of a New England Protestant Preacher. Read More »