The last two days of rain dampened the fishing, but the Salmonflies are vested in our system. Some more recreational floaters have swam Rock Creek and the Clark Fork, so technical boating persists at these high flows. Be careful out there and fish the Big Bug.

Salmonflies are in on Rock Creek the whole length. The Blackfoot and Bitterroot are on the fall. Snowpack returns to normal levels. New options are coming online daily for fly fishing in Missoula Montana. The hand wringing over the floods is over.

We have been running our initial river scouting floats on Rock Creek and the Blackfoot. Fishing was poor to worse and the boating was very challenging. Rivers are on the drop and the rain needs to stop. Salmonflies are started on lower Rock Creek, but nothing on them yet.  Be safe, be patient, we are Read More »

I was back on the Missouri this week teaching and fishing. The lessons brought back memories of the old school hard way I was taught the river.  You don’t forget hard won lessons, but it’s quite a bit easier to learn fishing when someone takes the time to teach.

The water is up but clear on the Missouri river in Montana. This video is an update on fly fishing conditions in Missoula and in Craig Montana. Fishing has been solid but we have had to share it with plenty of other boats dodging the high water in Missoula.

Rivers are on the rise in Missoula. Ice off brings in the big rainbows to the shallows on the lakes. The sun is shining and fly fishing options are focussed on the Missouri River in Montana.

Snow melts and rivers rise in Missoula Montana.  The fishing in muddy rivers is poor, so we migrate to the clean water of the Missouri.  The drive to Craig is pretty and the water is clear.  We’ll have plenty of snow to get us through the Summer, but you have to pay the water piper Read More »

Low level snowpack meets rain.  That means rivers swell and guides have to make some touchy calls on where to fish. The next four days are going to a bit rowdy on the Clark Fork and Bitterroot. The occasional migration to the Missouri is on the Missoula fly fishing menu now.

It has been a wet and cold Spring so far. We did get some tolerable weather in Missoula Montana yesterday.  I like a pleasant sunny day as much as the next fly fishing guide, but big browns do love the dark skies.  The weather is sometimes your friend and sometimes the punisher. We fish it Read More »

Another balmy day in Montana fly fishing for some big brown trout. I’m not sure it was worth it. You can’t have adventures sitting in an office staring at screen. But you might get cold, be careful.