America the Great Cookbook Carrie Nowlen, our Executive Chef at Missoula River Lodge, is featured in “America the Great Cookbook” which is now available in stores and benefits NOKID Hungry.  Joe Yonan, the award winning Food Editor for the Washington Post, chose one hundred of our country’s best chefs and asked them one question “What Read More »

Nate, Evan, and I took day to fish some of our Jet Boat trips.  The Montana weather was nice, the fish were big, and the jet boat was fast. It’s a very cool and unique itinerary that we are offering for the 2018 Missoula Fly Fishing guide season.

The season shut down with a powerful winter storm in Missoula that blanketed our rivers and dropped our water temps. A few fish were caught in the waning days of the season, but mainly we froze and laughed to the fishing finish line.

Please meet professional Missoula Montana fly fishing guide Chase Harrison. Chase shares stories of growing up an angler in Missoula Montana and some youth Hockey insights.

Meet professional Missoula fly fishing guide Aaron Bonsall. Aaron shares stories of why he loves the guide career, family times on Montana rivers, and return to Montana as young man after living and fishing here as a youth. There is also a great story of 25 inch rainbow caught by his wife in Montana on Read More »

The end of the Missoula fly fishing guide season has had wet weather and great trout coming to the fly.  I had the pleasure of guiding a great father/daughter team the stuck some great Clark Fork river Montana trout together. The best fish smiles will always come from a child’s joy. No video games were Read More »

Meet a great Missoula Fly Fishing Guide – Chris Webber.  Chris is a local talent from Corvallis, Montana who shares stories of old school fishing on the Bitterroot River in Montana and steelhead adventures.

Meet Jacob Hensley, a great fly fishing guide on staff at Missoula River Lodge. He shares some memories from the Missoula fly fishing guide season and the story of a 30 inch rainbow landed this Spring.  That big trout was celebrated to smiles and beers.

I spent the last two days watching little dry flies get shot in the wind to some of the toughest trout in Montana. We won some, we lost some, and the Missouri kept it’s reputation as a challenging fly fishing arena in Western Montana.

Sometimes you take a chance in Missoula to hunt up some big browns on flies. It’s great when it works. It’s an exercise in not catching other days. Fly fishing can have a risk and reward equation to it if you want to roll the dice. I like rolling the Missoula fly fishing guide dice. Read More »