Guide nicknames come and go, but the good ones stick like a whitefish on a prince nymph. The cultural milieu of the Missoula fly fishing guide world can get muddied and colorful at the same time.

The fall rolls on in Missoula Montana as fly fishing guides stay on the water and the net keeps getting filled. Humans row the oars and dance with the other humans in the knee locks. Fishing can be a funny business.

14 seconds of Missoula fly fishing zen.  Thank clean freestone rivers and wild trout who prefer very small macro invertabrates.

Challenging days on the river as a Montana fishing guide can sometimes be solved with a change in lexicon. Anglers can be funny and fish are eating hoppers in the sun of a late summer.

Soon we will have to engineer alarm systems on our boats for our lunch stops. The most vulnerable are the purveyors of secret flies moving their inventories along our waterways. Other than that our fish our up on tricos and hoppers as we slide into the Missoula Montana fall fly fishing guide season.

August 14, 2018 Fishing was good last week in Missoula Montana, boat wrecking was better for some floaters.  We got some 100 degree weather on Friday and Saturday that kicked off the tricia and has begun to usher out our Caddis and PMD’s.  It looks like Hoot Owls won’t show and so far Missoula is Read More »

Our rivers stay vacant as we coast through a Hoot Owl and fire free mid summer. Pmds are still here but the first pushes of tricos have started. Apparently a very angry client voiced his opinion in a local fly shop that merited police intervention. The Missoula fly fishing guide world still amazes me.

Meet the newest member of the Missoula River Lodge team, Josh Ziegler.  He is a teacher, professional writer, and a guide with river experience ranging from Alaska to Montana. Josh has been on the water with our guests since June.  The feedback has been excellent with Josh already getting requests for next season.

The Missoula Montana summer winds on with stable weather and river flows. The Mid Summer tends to be quiet with less anglers on the water. I like this part of the season’s solitude and variety of fishing options on the Blackfoot, Bitterroot, Clark Fork, and Rock Creek.

We are getting out of the higher water big dry with a dropper fishing style and onto rising fish. PMD spinner fall and the caddis blitz is out and about as our fish get up in Missoula Montana.