Our rivers stay vacant as we coast through a Hoot Owl and fire free mid summer. Pmds are still here but the first pushes of tricos have started. Apparently a very angry client voiced his opinion in a local fly shop that merited police intervention. The Missoula fly fishing guide world still amazes me.

Meet the newest member of the Missoula River Lodge team, Josh Ziegler.  He is a teacher, professional writer, and a guide with river experience ranging from Alaska to Montana. Josh has been on the water with our guests since June.  The feedback has been excellent with Josh already getting requests for next season.

The Missoula Montana summer winds on with stable weather and river flows. The Mid Summer tends to be quiet with less anglers on the water. I like this part of the season’s solitude and variety of fishing options on the Blackfoot, Bitterroot, Clark Fork, and Rock Creek.

We are getting out of the higher water big dry with a dropper fishing style and onto rising fish. PMD spinner fall and the caddis blitz is out and about as our fish get up in Missoula Montana.

June was an old time fishing slog through the rain that now has broke into wonderful July weather in Missoula Montana. Flows are on the drop and Summer in Montana has begun. It only comes once a year!

Weather was wet and fly fishing was less than stellar as a cold front sat on us too long. We cleared up a few days ago and I hope trout get back to their summer job of eating our flies in Missoula, Montana.

A huge wet front came through and sat over Missoula this week putting down massive rain accumulation numbers. That weather pushed our river flows up, out, and around. Hopefully we dry out today for some better fly fishing in Montana this week.

The last two days of rain dampened the fishing, but the Salmonflies are vested in our system. Some more recreational floaters have swam Rock Creek and the Clark Fork, so technical boating persists at these high flows. Be careful out there and fish the Big Bug.

Salmonflies are in on Rock Creek the whole length. The Blackfoot and Bitterroot are on the fall. Snowpack returns to normal levels. New options are coming online daily for fly fishing in Missoula Montana. The hand wringing over the floods is over.

We have been running our initial river scouting floats on Rock Creek and the Blackfoot. Fishing was poor to worse and the boating was very challenging. Rivers are on the drop and the rain needs to stop. Salmonflies are started on lower Rock Creek, but nothing on them yet.  Be safe, be patient, we are Read More »