MRL Guide Dylan Curry works as an educator for the West Central Avalanche Foundation in the winter, which sends him to some of the highest summits in our area.  He is responsible for reporting the snowpack data and conditions and the information is disseminated throughout the area to both professionals and recreationalists.

Dylan was recently collecting data in the Seeley area and gave us a quick report of the snowpack in the area, as well as a check in on the Blackfoot River conditions.

Check out Dylan’s Snowpack Report Here!

We are starting to warm up this weekend, with a high in the 50s today which may get some water moving in the drainage.  We have yet to see any skwalas so far, however these rising temps will hasten their arrival.  We do have guides remaining available this spring and would love to share our water with you!  Please give us a call or send an email for more information.

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