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Montana’s Premier Dry Fly Fishing Lodge

Our lodge, situated just west of Missoula, boasts expert guides who specialize in dry fly fishing on the Bitterroot, Clark Fork, Rock Creek, and Blackfoot Rivers. On the water, we share the thrill of enticing wild trout to rise to your fly. After a rewarding day on the river, our award-winning lodge staff prepare delicious meals in a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for celebrating a successful float trip. Our property features over a mile of private riverside beauty along the Clark Fork River, ideal for fishing, unwinding, and dining in the tranquil setting of Montana.

We also offer hotel and day trip fly fishing packages based out of Missoula, ensuring you fish with the same team of expert guides, no matter which package you choose.

Three Separate Lodge Experiences: One Property

We offer three unique lodging options across our one hundred-acre property, each with its own distinct advantages. All three provide an intimate and private experience. Strategically located on the best waters in Montana for dry fly fishing, our lodgings minimize travel time and maximize your time on the water.

Trout Bluff

Perched high above the Clark Fork River with stunning views of the Bitterroot mountain range to the south and the Mission mountains to the north, the Trout Bluff is a one of a kind lodging experience. A short walk down to the river from your patio puts an angler in easy casting range of rising trout from the lower meadow. A commanding vista compliments dinner as you enjoy farm to table dining with award winning staff.

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The River Front

The River Front is a hidden gem tucked away in the southwestern portion of our property at the junction of Six Mile Creek and the Clark Fork River. The sunrises are spectacular, setting the tone for a day of adventure. Many of our guests count an evening winding down watching wildlife from the porch as the perfect punctuation to a remarkable day of fly fishing.

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The Rhino Cove

Rhino Cove is the epicenter of our fishing operation. We dine here, we laugh here, we tell a few fly fishing lies here. Each of the two suites on the upper deck provide two single rooms, with shared bath accommodations. The lower level provides a full kitchen, seating area, and community space with plenty of room for the evening social hour.  Tap into the morning boat rush of our fly fishing guides heading out to local rivers, or a pre-float casting refresher. Our most visible and friendly option provides the tools to tap into the fishing scene.

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Strategically Located for a New River Each Day

We offer the services of our professional fly fishing guides in our all inclusive fishing vacations. Trips target the Bitterroot River, Blackfoot River, Clark Fork River, Rock Creek, and Missouri River. We can efficiently fish a new river each day. We spend time on smaller streams depending on river flows, with variety for guests taking a high priority.

Two people fishing.

Fish With Guides Who Prefer
The Dry Fly Over A Bobber

We are proud of the great group assembled for our Missoula fly fishing guides staff.  They are professionals deeply immersed in the ever changing conditions of our rivers. Our guides exemplify the work ethic, patience, and angling talent that has driven our re-booking rate to over 80% of all the fly fishing trips we run each year.  These fishing guide video interviews will give an insight to each of their angling personalities.

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“I have been fishing with A Classic Journey for several years now. I have been making an annual pilgrimage to Missoula for the wonderful fishing and spectacular scenery every summer with my son and son-in-law – it is something we look forward to all year. The guides are top-notch and a lot of fun to spend the day with. They know the rivers, how to fish, and are friendly and tremendously helpful – no matter what your skill set is. My son and I learned how to fly fish with guides at A Classic Journey and we have been enjoying it ever since. Joe and his crew are first-class all the way around. If you want a great fishing experience in beautiful surroundings, give them a call.”

Doug Lawrence

A Classic Journey Outfitters provides a first class experience from beginning to end. The guides are friendly and extremely knowledgeable. The boats and gear are clean and easy to work with. The food is excellent and they continue to change it up so you can look forward to the next day’s meal. If you are able to stay with them at one of their locations, they are all clean, comfortable and second to none in terms of location! The fishing has been great for the last 10 years and continues to get better. I have been fly fishing all over the U.S. for over 30 years on my own and with guides. Joe Cummings and his staff are the best in Montana.

Scott Jones

Had a great time with Classic Journey Outfitters this year. Joe Cummings and his staff were very accommodating and his guides are top notch. I also need to mention that the guides were very patient with the beginners and had them fishing like seasoned anglers in a day. The equipment is like new and the boats were clean and organized. This trip was my 3rd and the fishing seems to get better every year. I highly recommend staying in one of Classic Journey lodges. They are 1st class and the views are spectacular.

Richard Higgins

What a place to be sequestered with your friends… lodging, meals, guides and of course the trout are above superb. For the time I was there the atmosphere was always friendly and comfortable.. Joe and his staff continually go out of their way to make your visit and time spent on the water a memorable journey. The guides were always on time and knew the water they were bringing you to, their selection of flies to put on the end of your line, well just let me say you have to go and see these professionals in action.

Leonard Wasmanski

A Classic Journey Outfitters provides the quintessential Montana fishing experience. The guides are the best I’ve fished with anywhere. They are professionals. With proper boat placement and great assessment of clients abilities, they boat trout with anglers of all skill levels. Joe and all his guides have a passion for fishing these Montana rivers that shines proud. They work hard to ensure each and every trip is not only successful but safe. The riverfront lodging ties the whole Montana experience up with a bow. Clean and spacious rooms, place to store and dry your gear, common areas to share fishing tales of the day, and delicious food all on the banks of the Clark Fork river make your time here easy and memorable.

Marla H.

I have been fishing with A Classic Journey Outfitters and Joe Cummings for the past several years. I always look forward to booking a trip each year because I know I’m going to have a fun time, in a good environment, with great people. I appreciate the level of professionalism Joe and his guides provide from being on-time to fly selection. Based on my experience fishing with Joe and his guides, I have no hesitation in recommending A Classic Journey Outfitters for your next trip.

Michael Ealy

We return to Montana every year in September and always book our week with A Classic Journey Outfitters. Joe and his crew are absolutely the best. They take their work seriously and always put us over fish. Along with the fishing, there are great fish stories, wonderful meals on the banks of the river and great camaraderie. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!!!

Lisa Franklin

I have been fishing with these guys for past 8 years. I have made 10 trips in that time. What can I say? This is absolutely a first class outfit! The lodging is spectacular. The fishing is great. The guides are all very personable and service oriented. For me it is like fishing with my good friends. There are a few places on this planet where I truly feel at home, and this is one of them. Heading out again in September…counting the days!

Steven Nack

Classic journey is indeed CLASSIC. Western Montana is the Mecca of fly fishing and experiencing it with Classic Journey is the best of the best. I appreciate the knowledge and attentiveness of the guides and the focus they have on delivering a memorable overall experience not just a one dimensional day.

Joe Halder

This will be my 13th trip out to classic journey outfitters. I have traveled all over the world fly fishing, and this lodge is one of the nicest I have stayed in. The guides are top notch, the food is great and the rivers are beautiful. Our group started out with 4 anglers, and now we have grown to 16 anglers this year. I`m sure you love your experience with Joe at classic journey outfitters.

Michael Mancke

I first started fishing with Joe around 1992. My initial trip with Joe was on the Clark Fork River with my youngest son Alan. I found Joe sitting on a park bench at the Missoulian Angler which at that time was owned by a gentleman named Paul. We had a great day floating all the way from Singletree to Petty Creek on the Clark Fork. Since that time, Joe has guided me, my boys, my dear friend Lawrence, and my wife Vicki every year. I found Joe’s competence and attention to detail wonderful. My friend Lawrence and I have an annual skawala trip the first week of April, usually in the rivers around the Missoula. If the rivers are out, we head for the Missouri. Joe’s staff has always been friendly and knowledgeable. Joe is a Montana native and his knowledge of the rivers surrounding Missoula is second to none. I highly recommend Joe and his staff.

Gary Faull

Classic Journey Outfitters is the lead guide service in Northwestern Montana. I have been with Joe Cummings since the founding of his outfitting service. Joe started with a truck and a boat and over the years has carefully built a business to include several lodges on the banks of the Clark Fork River and he has assembled an incredible staff of professional and knowledgable guides. CJO is the outfitter you want to choose should you visit and want to fish the rivers and streams around Missoula, Montana. The greatest asset that CJO offers clients is their ability to match the skills of their clients. Whether a beginner or a seasoned flyfisherman, Joe and his staff will do their best to teach and coach you to become better. Their collective knowledge of the waterways and environment associated with the area is unparalleled. Their services are reasonably priced and all of their guides (and I have fished with all of them) are professional and courteous. You will definitely have a good time booking with CJO.

James Smith

Had two great days of fishing with Patch on July 7th and Nate on July 9th. We fished different segment of the Upper Bitterroot River and had an outstanding time. Throughout the drift they did an excellent job putting us on fish and were very helpful by offering suggestions to improve our fishing skills. I have fished with various guides from Classic Journey Outfitters for more than six years and never have been disappointed with Joe and his staff.

John Marshall

I’ve fished all over two continents, with numerous guides (& outfitters) and there’s no place I’d recommend more than “A Classic Journey Outfitters”. Professionally run with an eye on fun! If you’re honest about your fishing skills they will put you on to fish. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert – this is one outfitter you can trust. I’ve fished both Joe (Cummings) and Brooks (Jeesen). If you don’t catch fish with these guys, then you need to work on your casting!

Carlton Howard

Good knowledgeable guides, they know the water and how to put you on fish. They serve a great hot riverside lunch and did I mention, they put you on fish. Want “the Montana” dry fly experience, book a day or three with A Classic Journey.

Rob H.

This is the best fly fishing in Montana. The guides are excellent and give great advice on how to catch a trout. If you are a beginner or an expert, these are the guides for you. They always make sure you are in the best location for a great experience. Also check out the lodge. It has great views of the Clark Fork River.

Calvin Ball

Nobody does it better! Our group has been going out to Missoula for 7 years and I have been going to the West fishing for 20+ and no outfitter works harder and makes the trip more enjoyable than Joe and crew. The fishing, guides and the information to “do it on your own” while there is excellent. The accommodations are first rate for any group or family. A Classic Journey is always the first choice for western fishing. As a regular follower of Joe’s blog I encourage you to make sure you have a look. I repeat… nobody does it better!

Mark Giordano

Outstanding operation with great hard working guides. I have done several trips with this operator and have been very impressed with their competence, work ethic, and overall professionalism.

John Fiskum

First class treatment…happy anglers. A Classic Journey Outfitters is great!

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