Patching Cancer – Memorial of an Angler Warrior – Patch Godown from Joe Cummings – Drive On Media on Vimeo.

Our great friend Patch Godown has his funeral services tomorrow at home with his family on the East Coast. The Godown family sent me Patch’s iPad that was filled with personal videos of his battle with cancer and asked if I would add in clips of Patch fishing.  There were many painful videos to review and I was lost on what I should keep in the edit.  I tried to download all of the content to my MacBook but oddly the whole system crashed and only a handful of videos made it through to my Mac Book. They still exist on the iPad, but won’t transfer. What made it through was perfect for what I was looking for. So I believe this is what Patch wanted the message to be from the outfitter who had the honor to work with him for all those years. There is some swearing at the end, but Patch did that occasionally.

You are missed greatly brother.