Our summer season is just around the corner and we are looking forward to June’s arrival! We have had a cool spring here in Missoula and our local waters have fluctuated in and out of shape as temperatures rise, and then immediately drop back down to near freezing lows.  The low temperatures, combined with May rain and snow showers have cause our snowpack to grow immensely.  Our solid snowpack has us looking forward to a year filled with cold rivers and healthy trout.

The Bitterroot range snowpack currently sits at 181% of normal, with the neighboring Upper and Lower Clark Fork at 135% and 160%.

We are all looking to the weather forecast to try to gain an understanding of when we’ll see some of the mountains lose their blankets of snow.  If the trend continues of slow rising temperatures, followed by cool overcast days, we may continue to see the rivers gradually rise and fall throughout the next month.  This possibility is the more exciting prospect when compared to last year’s early June where we saw near 100 degree days.

Runoff this year has been anything but predictable, however the fishing has remained consistent.  With local waters rising and falling, we have shifted our trips over to the Missouri River and the tailwater has rewarded our guests with both dry fly opportunities and high number fish days.  Healthy, heavy browns have been the predominate catch the past few weeks.  We do have guides available for the Missouri if a last minute trip is in the cards, or please reach out if you’d like to get on the calendar for next year!

Enjoy a few of our Missouri River highlights so far!