Earlier this week I wrote wrote an incredible blog saturated with life changing content for all readers lucky enough to get the brief chance to peak at its wisdom.

Then the internet ate my blog. All content was lost when a DNS server migration went awry. At least that’s what the tech guys said. But I know it was the Illuminati that had to stop the dissemination of my epiphany.

I now have to repost, but sadly the lightning is gone. If you were lucky enough to remember anything I said please know you now hold dangerous knowledge. A sinister global network of the greater than one percenters is the one to fear. At least that’s what the invisible chip the government installed on me during my childhood vaccinations is whispering.

Or it was just a blog about a day looking around the Bitterroot river with a camera in winter and a big thank you to American Angler Magazine for picking one of my images to be on their cover.

We’ll never know. Damn Illuminati.

Wild Cutthroat Trout Bitterroot River Montana
Aerial Photo Bitterroot River
American Angler Magazine
Angler fishing near Missoula Montana
Rainbow Trout Wild Fish Montana
Backlit Dorsal Fin
Wild Winter Trout Montana
Picture of Whitefish Eyes
Angler holding Trout on Bitterroot River
Winter Sunrise in Montana
Close up Trout Face in Montana