Rain throughout last week kept flows up in the Bitterroot drainage, which means finding the soft water in the middle and lower river. Golden stones are on the menu in the upper river, with a variety of mayflies in the mix as well. The Blackfoot is fishing well from top to bottom, and while the water has a little bit of color to it our guides have found some great fish with guests, like Jake Hensley with the brown below. In my opinion, the Clark Fork is still a week to a week and a half out from dropping into shape. Rock Creek has a lot of water, with a broad array of bugs hatching. Pick your preferred method and find the right water to match, the faster the water the bigger the meal to move the fish. It is easy to be stonefly-centric on the Creek, however if the fishing becomes puzzling for a bit don’t hesitate to shift gears to imitate the cycles of the various mayfly hatches you will encounter this week.
-Caleb Garrett


We are working our way through June, and the month seems to be moving as quickly as the local rivers.  We are currently sold out of Rock Creek launches for the season, but if you are interested in a Creek float this year don’t hesitate to give us a call and get your name on the waiting list; you never know what could happen in 2020 these days!

We do have availability in July and later in the season and are happy to put together a customized package for your trip.  Not wanting to stay in a hotel? We have private vacation rental packages, too!