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Wild Rainbow Portrait Montana

I recommend going outside. It will be cold. Start a fire, laugh, fish a little.  If you are lucky you will have some unexpected adventures show up. Bring some friends because an extra set of hands can be helpful.

If the day lays out perfectly you will encounter a few fish.  They will be worth more because they offer a re-connection to something that is still wild and alive.

You may not find any fish to eat your fly.

Oh well, look around, you’ll get it.

Angler Fly fishing near Missoula Montana


Portaging a boat near Missoula Montana


Aerial Photo Bitterroot River Near Hamilton Montana


Fire side fishing near Missoula Montana


Rainbow Trout Montana wildlife photography


Loading a boat Corvallis montana reflection

Rainbow and Night 2019 portrait Montana


Bitterroot Mountain Range Aerial Photo


Wild Rainbow Trout Montana


Fly Fishing Bitterroot river near Corvallis Montana


Rainbow trout and night in Montana


Montana Boat Launch near Corvallis Montana


Camp Fire near Hamilton Motnana


Rainbow Trout Portrait Montana


Aerial Photo Bitterroot River Montana near Corvallis



Wild rainbow trout Portrait Montana


Rainbow Trout Missoula Montana fly fishing