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Bitterroot River Montana – 9 Degrees

Frigid dry dawns have been the recycling outcome of winter’s low rising sun.  The clogging slog of warm wet blizzards that wanted to take over our Missoula Montana winter a few weeks ago have given way to lazer cold.

Bitterroot River near Florence Montana

Florence Bridge Montana, Bitterroot River

The biting ice is entrepreneurial in its drive to erase flow.  The cold eyed predator attacks the weaker pools that have drifted off from the more vigorous veins of movement. Backwaters sleep first and wake last.

Bitterroot River near Stevensville, MT

Ice at the mouth of Kootenai Creek, Stevensville MT

The battle knuckles of the frigid dig best nocturnally.  Darkness is ally.  The thermal is adversary.

Bitterroot River, Aerial Photo, Victor Montana

Bitterroot River, Victor Montana

The power house sun unfettered by blocking clouds can now drive its noon heat deep into river cobble.  Ice becomes slush. Dispersing slush unfolds back to fluidity.

Bitterroot River near Missoula Montana

Bitterroot River, Green Winter Flow

Tripping Knuckles release. Color shows again in the Bitterroot River in Montana. However, a full retreat of the frigid is far away.  The ambitious cold knows it is his season and while some battles may be lost for a few warm hours real defeat is months away. This season is patient.

Backwater Near Missoula Montana

Backwater Bitterroot River

Winter grows nothing. It purges and puts to sleep.  The living system fights, hides, or gives in to winter’s will.

Aerial Photo Bass Creek Fishing Access Bitterroot River

Bass Creek Fishing Access Montana

But, the campaigns against warm movement are gentlemanly. They are utterly quiet and invite no crowds.

Aerial Photo Bell Crossing Fishing Access Montana

Bell Crossing, Fishing Access Montana

The freezing soldier’s uniform is not ostentatious. His blues and grays in simple lines are the opposite of dilettante Fall who blushingly shows off all of nature’s hues in a hurried burst. Winter’s knows he will never have to fight Fall, because she will burn herself out admiring what she is.

Black And White Photo Bitterroot River near Florence Montana

Bitterroot River near Florence Montana

It is the damnable Sun who bites and claws back. Painfully annoying to Winter’s grip he is.

Bitterroot River Black and White Photo

Bitterroot River Near Stevensville, MT

The sun knows it his he who is the constant. All seasons flow into one another under his reign.

Rivers are more than trout.

Bitterroot River Sign near Missoula Montana

Misspelled Sign Bitterroot River

This photo essay was created by Joe Cummings, for bio please visit Missoula Fly Fishing Guides .