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America the Great Cookbook

Carrie Nowlen, our Executive Chef at Missoula River Lodge, is featured in “America the Great Cookbook” which is now available in stores and benefits NOKID Hungry.  Joe Yonan, the award winning Food Editor for the Washington Post, chose one hundred of our country’s best chefs and asked them one question “What do you love to cook for the people you love?”

America the Great Cookbook

The Washington Post flew a crew out to our lodge in May to interview Carrie and spend time with her creating the innovative recipes that would be featured in “America the Great Cookbook.” The crew also spent an evening with me fishing the Bitterroot river to get an feel of what the overall experience of dining with Carrie entails. Carrie’s cooking greatly trumped my fishing.

I am spoiled. I can enjoy some of the best food in America whenever I want to spend an evening with our guests at Missoula River Lodge. On the same day I can dig into Western Montana’s rivers and wild trout with a fly rod. Not a bad gig.

It’s funny how fly fishing can take you to places you never expected with great people that continually surprise and enlighten you.

America the Great Cookbook with Chef

Carrie’s Cooking History

Carrie’s story is one of hard work, risk, and talent.  Carrie was not a nationally recognized chef when she began her career with us.  She left a great job in the private sector and was looking for a change of lifestyle. Without any formal culinary training she has relied on her wide cultural influences and creativity to present unique recipes to our guests.  We immediately identified that she would reward our guests with innovative dishes if we left her alone to explore and create from a diverse ingredient and flavor base.  It best to not micro manage a chef if you are crusty fishing guide and not a restauranteur.  I can’t take any credit for her success as getting out of the way doesn’t count as mentorship.  Carrie has hit her stride in the kitchen and we are lucky to have been able to be a part of explosion of creativity and success.

America the Great Cookbook – The Who and Why

What do you love to cook for those that you love?  A great question asked by Joe Yonan. Mr. Yonan is known for his his award winning insights into dining in America as the Food Editor at the Washington Post.   The answer to this question connects the chef to their work and those that they share their passion with.  The greatest meal is rooted in joy rather than what just fills the belly.  Food can elevate.

This cookbook goes further as its goal is to benefit the NOKID Hungry charity. Helping those kids whose desire is merely to get healthy food brings attention to what is a hidden need in America.

America the Great Cookbook is filled with exceptionally unique recipes from America’s food heroes. If you love to create great food for those that you love I highly recommend adding it to your cooking library.  Book info is here.

If you flip to page 60 please don’t laugh at the old fly fishing guide in the Bitterroot River netting a brown trout. Just turn the page and get to the good stuff from Carrie Nowlen.

Behind the scenes America the Great Cookbook