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I spent the weekend guiding a group of longtime friend/clients  with Patch Godown guiding the other boat over the Weekend. Patch was steady all the way through consistently producing excellent fishing for his anglers.  Patch, Evan, and Caleb have been living in Craig, MT and breathing the Missouri River as we wait for our water to come back into shape in Missoula.  I on the other hand have been in the office working to get our new website up.  We did finally launch on Friday, just as was cleaning my drift boat and heading to Craig, MT.

The internet marketing landscape keeps dramatically changing in the fly fishing industry and it was time to coordinate all our websites under one for convenience to our customer base and adjust to dynamic needs of the modern angler.  From an on the water perspective we are still the same hard working and patient crew we have always been, just with prettier wrapping.

 Office Days give way to Fly Fishing

My office schedule took over my guiding due tothe web rebuild, so when I took off for the weekend of fly fishing guide shifts I wasn’t in touch with the Missouri River like I usually am.  As many decades as you fish Western Montana and as much as you can forecast from a computer with an internet connection that gives flows, temps, and weather you have to actually fish it to know for sure.  Even after all these years of grinding up thousands of floats I still get kicked in the ribs by rivers being sneaky when I turn my back.

So like a rusty veteran guide –  We had moments of fishing where I definitely was out touch with the river and magic stuff where I thought I could do no wrong with my location calls.  My angler’s were sharp as is the norm with a guest that has fished so long with me.  They also continue to be somewhat kind with their criticisms of my poor fly choices, when I am grinding up fly/habitat progressions in search the answer instead of soaking the net.

All that being said the trip came down for me to the two over 20 inch browns in the pictures below. My guests are still high fiving over all the adult rainbows we stuck and the doubles on firebead/bobber rigs, but that really is superfluous when you can hunt up single browns.   We stalked them, both presentations were tough, and I called both of them with my anglers on point trusting me that it would happen and then sticking the hook in their snotty ass brown trout  jaws when they ate.

Fly Fishing with friends is fine sport.