Evan, Caleb, Patch, and I caught the lasts days of Spring fly fishing in Missoula Montana. The Big Brown Trout sipping Blue Olives on film was a tough one with multiple fly changes and quite a bit of cursing to edit out due to his utter snottiness. We got him though, and it still feels awesome to hang one like that on a little dry even if I am just the camera guide.

We are still on the Missouri River guiding and it is still excellent. But we did get a little window of drop in the middle of Missoula run-off. The flows are right on the Upper Clark Fork and Rock Creek today for the streamer fisherman. They won’t stay that way as we are going to hit 80 degrees by the end of the week and blow out the Bitterroot River and Blackfoot River. Because its a sunny Monday in Missoula Montana and I am feeling lucky I am going to call the beginning of the Salmonfly watch. Some are arguing it will be later, but if you really dig into the Snotel numbers you can see that Rock Creek isn’t loaded up like the Bitterroots.

The Bugs start in the Upper Clark Fork just above Missoula MT as early as next week. We may not have the flows in that section for good fishing when they come, but the 80 degrees forecasted is going to put a few Pteronarcys californica on the willows. From there it jumps into Lower Rock Creek.

For all the nay sayers calling this year’s snow pack to track 2011 record flows remember that was record rains along with big snow. We haven’t been getting the rain and we are clearing snow at a nice clip. I think it is going to be big early water, but still fishing dries. You can call me crazy, and if we get rain I will deny any of this fly fishing forecast.

Early June could be epic with all the doomsdayers at home and Missoula Montana rivers empty except with Salmonflies and a few lucky anglers.

Like I said its a sunny Monday and I am coming off a good shoot, so I am feeling optimistic.