Stalking the Missouri River


Mother’s Day Caddis Memorial Day Weekend

Another week goes by and the Missoula fly fishing guide boats are headed over to the Missouri for more clean water fun in the sun.  I was personally on the water Thurs – Saturday with a regular client of mine.   That guest prefers to fish dries or streamers and stay off the indicator game. No doubt the guys pushing bead heads and indicators are going to be around more fish, but style trumped numbers on this trip   The fly fishing was good enough in the right spots to provide for some excellent Montana fly fishing to mainly large brown trout on the rise. There was just enough Mother’s day caddis around that you could sneak a single riser in the shade out here and there that was looking.  I finally got the Dog Pound Pod after getting cut off three days in a row by other anglers.  Dog Pound gave up some nice trout that were very easy considering they get shot at quite a bit.



By far the highlight of the weekend was a little out of the way spill off a Missouri River weed bed that in two days gave us six browns over 20 inches on a dries.  We hooked all six, and landed three.  They were totally left alone, dumb to eat the dry, making for easy gators to fool.  That size of fish grouped together and that accommodating  isn’t common at all and everyone in the boat appreciated the river’s gift to us.


The weather was that perfect no wind, high puffy clouds, 73 degrees of Montana sunshine.

A nice lunch, a quiet nap, and more brownies on the hook in the afternoon.

Memorial Day Weekend on the Mo –  Thank you to all the men and women that serve our Country to provide the freedom and safety for all these memories to be made.